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Your business generates an encrypted, theft-free stamp QR code.



Customers scan the QR code to save your store's loyalty card on their phones 📲


Automated "Thank you" message

Customers will receive a "thank you" message from your store after their visit, helping you build a strong relationship with them. 💪



Now your customers are automatically subscribed to your store's special offers and promotions. 🎉 It's a great way to encourage them to revisit. 😎

Simplified onboarding process

No account? No app? No problem!
Customers can effortlessly scan your store's QR without the need for an account or app.

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Insightful metrics at your fingertips

Coupoint diligently tracks the performance of your store's loyalty reward program. Leverage comprehensive aggregated metrics for your preferred time periods.

Easy to onboard

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